How Do You See It?

This World, That Is.

The problem with a website like this is that it is nearly impossible for you and I to speak together. I don’t take this limitation for granted but there isn’t much I’ve tried that will make two way conversation happen. It just doesn’t work.

I figure, then, that I will ask a question every now and then and leave it to you to make the effort if you want to answer. There is a comment form here that you can, well, comment on.

This question which is the lead in is, how do you see it. The world. The way I see it is that if we speak of America by herself we are in some kind of trouble, the definition of which is strictly conjecture at this point. The old saying: elections have consequences is axiomatic. What we elected last time for president was a disaster from the start. You have to know something to be president so why this schmuck? I don’t know. In a way, I don’t want to know and that is because I’ve known of this schmuck since 1984. He bends with the wind and stands on or for nothing. Now, China has the upper hand and he is probably reaping monetary benefit from his relationship with that country.

I don’t just look at America. I look out from her shores and especially the Middle East. That is where something may occur which will end all nations. A place where all nations will go to war. Over what? It appears that nothing there could possibly be more than a bush fire but oil is there and America is now void of the ability to use her oil. Schmuck, once again and his minions. Oil is the only source of power that can be used without eternal waste product. Nuclear? Where do you put the waste? Underground? For how long must it stay there until it is neutral? Longer than the nations will last, that’s how long. You see what I’m driving at? There is much more than President Schmuck to consider. There is a Universe to consider and we are so small a speck that even SETI can’t find communication. God can, God does.

That’s what I think, in my limited fashion, and I’ve been wrong before. Usually not about this stuff though.

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Faith in God is what I will bring here as I go. I do this to juxtapose what a belief system is and what it compares to given this world, it’s history of filth, and what has been promised us. Politics is old as the world and it is the world that governs politics. We like to think of nations as being the good or the bad but in reality it is the human condition. A condition that is imperfect and subject to death.

Death is what people without Faith fear. It is the driver of all we do but it is also the unspoken of elephant in the room. It pervades our beings from birth until the inevitable yet we keep our fear hidden. This is what causes outbreaks of war with short periods of peace. It is a “mental illness” that affects each of us. It is a cause for desperate measures.

To cope with this world Faith is the only thing that gives hope. You can decide for yourself if that hope is warranted or legitimate. It is my supposition that many of you are looking for something to have Faith in but are looking in all the wrong places. If this is you, you need to shift your search from insubstantial to eternal. Look at the night sky on a clear evening and think eternal. This may very well be why the night sky is available to all of us to ponder. How was this some accident might be a good place to start. Observe the Hummingbird, the hawk and the butterfly and think how these can be so separate and yet sustained when, in space, it is cold, dark and dead. The planets we know about are also dead.

Yet, in our pride, we have the Earth and the science which quibbles about origins with little or no proof of most of their theories. It is time to reconsider what you believe, what you take for granted. Once there, a new and bright vista opens. But, not until you ground yourself in Faith. Faith is eternal and eternity is what you’re looking for once you’re honest with yourself.

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The River

I am struck by the number of times the word, “River,” has been used to describe humanity: “The River of Humanity.” It is an apt synonym is it not? It describes the flow of our upbringing through time immemorial. From whatever we came from to what and especially, where, we are now. The irony I see is that we are the same now as back in the mists of time. Technologically we are far superior to our beginnings.

We go into space and space and the stellar worship of long ago are especially noteworthy for the differences in how we behave. A human being used to be humbled by the night sky, that fleeting glimpse into the “beyond.” The ability to understand that stars in the firmament moved and could be used as a predictor of the seasons. A thing that our ancestors believed needed to be worshiped, sacrificed to, and have priests dedicated to. That type of worship became known as paganism once we began to understand space and time. Extending to things not understood the proffer of “gods.” And “gods” demanded sacrifice: animal or human to be placated.

True religion took us out of that as we discovered that there was a mind behind all that we had previously divided up to be worshiped. Yet, that “mind” had a name, according to the Bible and the Bible is said to be divinely inspired. The mind that created all things put a stop to worshiping what He made and told us to worship Him alone. Many understood and took this demand to heart. Many called the entirety of this dogma bunk and kept doing what had been done for eons. But, what was in the background all along? That is the question that is being answered in our times and the answer is: pure evil, now personified. This evil to has a name. But all of this is in the book we call the Bible. The fact that what that book has told us, for thousands of years, is becoming the truth of our times is roundly denied. In fact, God Himself is denied and has been since we left the plow in the field and got comfortable in our cities, towns and burgs.

How quickly, given the scale of time itself, we forget where we came from. This river of humanity has become fetid and noisome. It festers and rots the limbs of our civilization. It is time and past time to consider the truth again and the truth is not us.

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OK. I Did. So What?

I was a complete and total putz after Vietnam. I got home, out of the service, went to college and learned to drink: mightily! I buried myself in self-pity and, eventually, self-loathing for almost twenty years. Damn, I was GOOD!

Then, well, I quit all that shell shocked pusillanimous imbibing of spirits while blaming everyone under the sun (either here or on Xaxzon) for my failures. I found the sunshine! What a load of crap; sunshine? No, I found out who I am. You talk about a, “Like it or not,” situation. Oh yeah, when I say I quit it was meetingless. No, I don’t lay claim to the ‘holic syndrome. I just quit because I was sick and tired of being sick and dumber than a horses ass. (Minus the flatulent) Am I being to graphic? Go with it!

I do find myself more cheerful now. I also find myself more outrospeactive as I have my way with the English language here. I just don’t give a damn about my past. It was and it is done and I am moving the hell on. The only reason I mention it here is because it is who I am and I feel some weird responsibility not to mislead anyone who reads this prattle.

Life is good despite the dullards in Congress who allow the burning of our cities and towns. We voted those dipshats in, so we get what we are stupid enough to allow to happen. Look, if I blame myself for what goes wrong then you should to. I ducked out of politickertapes except as an observer and feel cleaner for doing so.

All those people I blamed for my woes ended up being me. Full responsibility for our own lives is the secret to happiness. Don’t like the way things are going? Figure out what is wrong and change it. Then, keep moving and eventually it will work out and you oft times don’t see it coming. The good stuff that is. If it’s money you chase you’re wasting your eternity because money is a sign of being short sighted. We all need it to get by but how we go about it makes an eternal difference.

The way I figure it is that a quail in a meadow doesn’t think much about eternity. It’s just us that do. There’s gotta be a reason for even considering or even inventing the word which defines the unseen and timeless sense of that universal word. Or, it could be what we get because Eve ate that stupid “Starberry.” Nice going Mom! Here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into!

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Take a left at the nuke station. You can’t miss it.

The mirror supposition.

Way out in the universe is a mirror of Earth. Like it says above, The planet orbits around a sun five miles from Xaxzon. Not our miles, do I need to say, their miles. Xaxzon is like Earth in every way but one. Well, in many more ways than one but without the Garden of Eden caper. When Satan offered Eve the fruit that would allow her to know what the Creator knew she turned it down with an outstretched palm of refusal. It wasn’t an apple. Who the heck knows what kind for fruit it was? How about a Starberry? Rather the shape of a strawberry but with weird chemical solutions that gave people who were less than smart way too much information. Made ’em all, “I’m all THIS!”

It wasn’t a miracle that stopped this mirrored Eve from the eating of that fruit. Oh, heck no, it was self-discipline and gratitude from being the custodians of that Garden. No weeds, no stickery vines, nothing but lush paradise whose bounty was all anyone could ask for. ANYONE!!!

She told Adam about the devil and his offering to her and Adam shrugged, “I knew you were made of stern stuff. Gimme five!”

You know, I think it was Kurt Vonnegut Jr. who wrote in his novel, “Slaughterhouse Five,” the simple phrase, “So it goes.” That was about prison camps in Poland and Germany where Jews were systematically murdered by pagan god worshipers. You know them as Nazi’s but they were all about paganism and this is where the devil plays.

Where is our country now? Right in Pagan Village with Trans, do your own thing and kill infants. Up to the time of birth. It doesn’t matter if you or I are against this though. We can do little about it except to point out that this is a dastardly affront to God. He will do something about it and it has already gone too far. Remember Noah? Where we are is derived from Eve eating a piece of fruit that God said not to eat. Heck, could it really be this simple?

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Tailored Suits

I clicked onto the news the other day and lo and behold there was our president all decked out in a beautiful, tailored suit, the worth of which I can only guess. What surprised me was what my mind interpreted from that sight. The suit was worth more than the man in it.

Now, I am not one who blithely criticizes most people. I really am one who tries hard to always buffer my critique with the benefit of the doubt. Then, the person in question opens his or her mouth and erases all doubt. So it goes with Biden. I to am aged but still a bit younger than Joe. I am not one who likes politics or intrigue but have always been a person who lives and lets live. With the exception of Vietnam. I carry a huge weight from all that killing and will take it to my grave where I may finally find peace.

On the other hand, there is that elected office in Washington D.C. in which some guy we elect on the strength of words and, hopefully, action sits to proclaim war in which neither he , she or it will ever participate. JFK and only a few others were exceptions to this. They knew very well how awful war is and the weight one carries should they survive it. Like him my back is screwed up yet Biden stands straight as an arrow in a suit that is worth much more than anything he has ever done. It is kind of pathetic isn’t it? Some group in America elected a suit for president!

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I found this social site a few days ago. I’ve joined and watched. I had to join because I put it up, built it and am loving the people who have joined it. Dare I say they are right down our alley. Tin Pan Alley to boot!

It is HERE but do not join if you are incendiary. There is no room for threats, cussing or nudity. Who needs any of that unless you’re one shot short of drunk. I don’t care if you drink. Have at it but don’t get all upset and post drivel all over my hard work.

Seriously, because I am serious, it is a place for discernment in posting and intelligent thought which, one might think, would leave me out. That’s why I built it in fact. If I kick myself out the site goes with me. Bring your humor and keep it out front. That way, we can peacefully discuss and maybe find solutions that work for us. Or not.

Anyway, it is free and roaring like a match in a gale, sort of.

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Road Signs

It can be said that nations, from start to finish, (and everything has a finish) travel down a well worn road with twists and turns, pot holes, and obstructions to be cleared. History is our road map once neatly folded in the glove box and occasionally taken out to find one’s way. It is often noted that a wrong turn has been made miles and miles back and the trip we had planned just got longer and time has been lost. Had the road map been studied in detail it is unlikely that we would have lost our way in the first place. But, after all, we are all human and human is obviously a sign of imperfection. But, hey, we all make mistakes, right?

Where America is now is not a mistake. Our roadmap has been taken from us and the highway numbers and turnoffs have been falsified and moved around so that we may never find our way. We are on the “Trans” continental highway of the world now and the world gets worse with age. That little town called, “Morality,” has been erased from our map and once morality is gone nothing works other than disease, death, war, and turmoil.

But, hey again, it’s all kind of funny to think that kids are being de-moralized from kindergarten through university. What could possible go wrong with this roadmap? America has slipped on the progressive banana peel and taken a nose first gainer into the wall of history. Where the city of “Morality” existed is now rubble on which twin cities have been built. Aptly named, Sodom and Gomorrah. I guess the Bible is worth something after all? Read it: Matthew 24 and 26. This is the road map we are now on. And here you were, wondering all along.

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If ever were there an abused word it is the recent vintage of what a few are calling hate. People they disagree with they term as haters, or, general definition, bearing extreme aversion, enmity toward or wishing harm or death come to any person, group or race. Hate is also beating a dead horse, let’s not forget and that horse they’re beating has been dead a long time. Just ask the vultures! Better yet, ask the party that began a civil war in America because they hated and enslaved a race of people. Them there was the ones who got it all started and them there were white Democrats! That’s right, the same group that is trying to foist that term on the rest of us who disagree, vehemently, with their political course.

If it were possible to put a percentage on the haters in the entirety of the human race I would bet it would be far less than 5% of all humanity: far less. Reason being, if a person can relax and not be defensive concerning another race they get along just fine. Add an outside influence, be that the KKK or the Democrat Party (they’re the same) you have peaceful coexistence most of the damn time. You know this and I know this.

I don’t know why I had to get so danged old to write this stuff. Vietnam taught me a lot of lessons and one is that it is difficult to identify your friend, black, white or indifferent, when all that’s left, one second to another, is a hunk of twisted meat. Give it less than an hour and the flies make it even harder to tell who your friend was. You think any of these jerks on the left know a thing about life? Nope. They are parrots and I don’t hate parrots, I feel for them in their ignorance and penchant for shouting words they don’t understand. It’s a pity. In the end, it is all a damned pity.

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Having been around when America was quite different than it is now I began this to speak of the dereliction of duty by our government. There was a time when only a few had any good reason to hate America. Sure, some were held down by stupid people who couldn’t find their rear ends with both hands and a flashlight but almost everybody else worked their tails off and minded their own business. Folks, it just was because most of us went to church and going to church means you believe in something which is correct and much bigger than our mewling complaints. Much larger to the point of universal.

People had it tough so they fought to make things better. There was far less government assistance back then and you had one another to help get through the tough times. And we did! Wanna go to college, kid? Better figure out how you’re gonna pay for it. Those kids figured it out and paid their own way to a better life and self-respect. Most of them are now passed so they can’t see what I see. A mewling sack of shat calling themselves miserable. A person is only as miserable as they allow themselves to be! When you have an entire group calling others names with out knowing those others you have hypocrisy writ large. What you don’t have is intelligence or common decency. Add a total lack of common sense and we have our country as it now is. Corrupt as sin and full of the devil’s own shat.

We live in a fiction now. It is not real and when unreality takes over death is the result. Death and misery and we all know that misery loves company. I doubt our government is up to the job of reigning this lack of intellect in because our government is run by whiners. If there is a real man in office anywhere please stand up and fight back.

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